Welcome to the EkCare, in this section you can download our software selection, to access our webservice, download brochures and catalogs from download and view our certifications.

With the advent of information technology, you are presented with several possibilities for communication and transmission of information until last century unthinkable. The developments of the last few years, then brought a revolution to the labor standards but also of life to which we were accustomed.
We have, in fact, experienced the birth of a new "era". Today, information is obtained in real-time with updates always continuous, accurate and complete. The possibilities of error are greatly reduced and the quality delivered to the user is very high. Euroklimat wanted to immediately take advantage of these great potential creating a website very intricate and detailed, which provides an important support to all customers here "webservice". The simple and intuitive interface of the site allows you to "browse" quickly and easily reach pages or news of interest. A real direct link between customer and company, obtained thanks to the interactivity of the platform, is a major "plus" of this system, more than ever necessary to transmit the new technology or significant milestones. "Webservice" of Euroklimat is a versatile and rich at the same time, able to meet the most diverse needs: the simply curious or the operator can find more expert "on-line" clear answers and complete documents.

Within the various sections contains general information about the company, history, contacts to be used, pages devoted to certifications that Euroklimat obtained, the most important systems installed. But the most interesting and detailed arguments concerning access and the possibility of downloading files. The partitions called "Download" and "Eurokey" respectively allow to save on your computer catalogs and software for product selection.

The last chapter, but certainly not least because he has "baptized" the entire site, allows you to access detailed documentation of each machine: construction drawing, wiring diagram, spare parts list, order confirmation, user' education. Prepared and designed for specific skills, "webservice" allows the customer or service center to access their files and retrieve real-time all the necessary information, always updated and available even when you are physically located at the installation site. The "mission" of Euroklimat is always improving the service offered to customers.