New propane R290 heat pump : VHERA

Euroklimat S.p.A. is pleased to present the new range of reversible air-to-water heat pump with propane (R290).
The new product range is called VHERA.

It is able to reach over 700 kW heating capacity (1) and 625 kW cooling capacity (2) with a single piece unit. VHERA is nothing more than the extension of the pre-existing range and represent the result of Euroklimat’s continuous commitment in the search for new products using a natural gas with practically no environmental impact (GWP=3, ODP=0).

(1) Reference conditions: Text= 7°C (U.R. 87%), 40°C/45°C
(2) Reference conditions: Text= 35°C (U.R. 50%), 12°C/7°C

All sizes are characterized by piston semi-hermetic compressors equipped with inverter, thanks to which it is possible to adapt the unit to the load required by the user and with it a substantial energy saving. It follows that VHERA is an efficient unit that responds well to thermal loads fluctuations typical of air-conditioned buildings. VHERA turns out to be the best choice to ensure thermal comfort for big buildings like offices, hospitals, shopping centers or logistic centers.

The units available in different configurations and offer a large variety of accessories that allows the unit to adapt better to different applications. Euroklimat is happy to answer any request / curiosity about the new VHERA heat pumps.

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R290 Euroklimat chiller for the production of typical Calabrian cheeses

Interesting installation of a high efficiency Propane - R290 unit used in a dairy located in the Plain of Gioia Tauro in the province of Reggio Calabria in the heart of the Mediterranean. It is an EKO.E MT HE PP/ST/HR/EC/II 2802V whose task is to cool the user fluid (mixture of water and propylene glycol) down to a temperature of -6 °C even in extremely hot conditions, typical of the summers of southern Italy.

The unit, in addition to using the R290 as a refrigerant fluid that respects the environment (GWP equal to 3), is also equipped with two total-modulating heat recovery installed in parallel with the air condenser. These additional exchangers allow to recover all or part of the precious waste heat of the chiller which, if not used, would be unnecessarily dispersed into the atmosphere. The heat recovery, carried out free of charge, can be used for various purposes such as the production of Domestic Hot Water, comfort heating or even for industrial processes that require heat load. Therefore, this unit can satisfy both the cooling energy demand and any heating energy demand without increasing its energy cost. The unit is also equipped with 2 single-stage screw compressors controlled by inverter to meet the thermal load in a precise and timely manner in all operating conditions and to increase the efficiency of the unit in partial load conditions. Furthermore, it is equipped with a shell and tube dry expansion evaporator, heat exchangers with microchannel technology in aluminum alloy, 12 EC axial fans and 2 centrifugal electric pumps, one used for the primary users and the other used for the heat recovery user. The unit allows the user fluid to be cooled from -2 °C to -6 °C with a cooling capacity of 410 kW when the external temperature is 38 °C. Under these conditions, the EER (Energy Efficiency Ratio) is 1,95. In the case of the heat recovery unit is also activated, the recovery user can be heated from 39 °C to 45 °C with a heating capacity of 606 kW and the TER (Total Efficiency Ratio) is equal to 5,19.

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Euroklimat high temperature heat pumps for an important hotel in Dubai

During the year 2020, Euroklimat designed, built and tested 6 high temperature heat pumps HPV-W-HHT 592-C-1 units for one of the most important and evocative hotels in Dubai in the United Arab Emirates. This solution made it possible to replace an obsolete Domestic Hot Water production system based on electric resistances with a much more effective and efficient system that uses a vapor compression refrigeration cycle. The major consequence is that at the same level of comfort, 3.9 million kWh are saved every year (equivalent to the consumption of more than 270 homes) and consequently the emission of 1.5 million kg of CO2 into the atmosphere is also avoided.

Going into more detail, all the units contain the R134a refrigerant fluid and are classified as Water-to-Water type, therefore suitable for indoor applications. Each unit is equipped with a two-stage screw compressor which allows to obtain high efficiency and reliability, together with wide operative limits. Furthermore, the use of an inverter whose task is to vary the operating frequency of the compressor, allows to follow the thermal load with extreme precision, reducing any type of inefficiency especially in partial load conditions. Each unit is also equipped with a direct expansion Shell & Tube evaporator, a double pass Shell & Tube condenser, a brazed plate economizer and an electronic expansion valve.

The units have been divided on two sides of the imposing structure, 3 used on the East side and 3 used on the West side. Furthermore, each group of units is managed with Master-Slave logic, which can be implemented through the latest generation of advanced controllers. This unit management mode allows to achieve high levels of efficiency, as a unit is activated only if necessary and if energy-efficient.

Each unit at full load capacity can produce 613 kW with hot water at 70 °C and with the source at 10 °C. In this condition, the COP (Coefficient of Performances) is equal to 3.23.

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