1963. Born Klimat, one of the first Italian companies to design, plan and build water chillers and precision air conditioners.

1970. Klimat enters the Spanish market by opening a production unit, Hitsa Topair, which still exists today.

1975. Klimat acquires Interproind, an established company in the temperature control of industrial fluids and start the production of a wide range of chillers for the process.

1980. Klimat is a well known and appreciated reality for its innovative and high quality models. In this years there is the study and manufacture of special conditioners for telephony, market which will have huge success.

1985. The specific requirements of telephony develop the ability to study tailor-made solutions for the customer: Klimat is one of the first companies to study and draw a full range of close control units. The CED market calls for new cooling solutions and Klimat is ready to meet them.

1990. Klimat is among the first Italian manufacturers to design water coolers with built-in free-cooling. These new machines allow to produce cold water even without the use of refrigeration compressors. This is an important innovation that enables our customers a real and significant energy savings.

1995. We are in the electronic age where old systems evolve and become increasingly popular due to microprocessor controls.

1999. The civil and industrial sector was sold and taken over by new shareholders. Born Euroklimat dedicated to the production of air-conditioning systems, industrial refrigeration and thermoregulation system. CTA France participates in the project as a partner and distributor.

2001. Euroklimat is certified UNI EN ISO 9001 by the agency DNV.

2002. Thanks to the experience and the technical skills of their commercial teams Euroklimat sells all over the world, creating a 80% share in the export market.

2004. Rodolfo Caciolli becomes President and Michele Bedin CEO of Euroklimat Spa.

2006. Euroklimat, first in Italy, decide to invest in the use of natural gas. After much research and many years of tests have given very good results, it is setting up a series of powered units Propane R290 that have great commercial success in all the countries of northern Europe. From this moment, the mission will be to become a Leader in applications with R290.

2008. Euroklimat continues to grow in the market thanks to the new organizational structure, the reliability of its products, the high quality standards and continuous investment in research and development.

2009. In a joint venture with a company of the Ministry of China Aerospace born Euroklimat China that immediately imposes itself on the Chinese market with great success.

2011. License Agreement Angelantoni S.p.A. which, with its Division of Refrigeration Engineering (AG), it offers countless references, both in Italy and in many countries abroad. The partnership with Angelantoni allows Euroklimat to enter new areas such as process cooling in the pharmaceutical industry, chemical industry and in the Oil&Gas industry.

2012. It consolidates the joint ventures with Chinese partners and Euroklimat China continues to grow. The numbers testify to the growth: 40,000 square meters of production, 450 employees and a turnover of 700 million RMB decreed success.

2013. Continued success in sales of the range of chillers with Propane R290 thanks to the application in refrigeration. It is developed a new range of chillers for low temperatures with R290.

2014. Euroklimat continues to grow and invest. Ecoklimat born, Group company specialized in the metallic carpentry construction. With the support of this new Euroklimat company continues to improve the quality of its products while maintaining flexibility in building that always has characterized. "With this investment we want to keep in the company the ability to do things and do them well", so says Michele Bedin, Managing Director.

2015. Start the five-year investment project for the development of new ranges with Propane R290. Again Euroklimat believes in the future and decides to invest 5% of its turnover in research and development and specifically in the application of natural gas.

2016. New valuable resources reach Euroklimat Team and the story of success continues.