April 2018


Euroklimat’s Propane Chillers Cash & Carry Store METRO, Italy

We are proud to share with you the success of the installation of two Propane chillers at The METRO Cash&Carry store of Padua, Italy. The chillers, that provide a total cooling capacity of 500 kW, have a double function: they provide both cooling power to the subcooling system after the CO2 transcritical gas cooler and air-conditioning during summer time. The installation, that you can see in the picture below, was made outside the store, by limiting the area near the machines and ensuring the access only to authorized people, according to national regulations. This installation is only a part of a bigger project, the so-called ‘‘F-Gas Exit Program’’, developed by METRO, leader company in the Cah&Carry business. Which is the aim of this program? Total replacement of HFCs with natural refrigerants in METRO worldwide stores by 2030. The installation, particularly innovative in the Italian context, turned out to be a success, fact that was confirmed also by papers published on Accelerate and on the website Hydrocarbons 21.